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Lunes 27 de Abril de 2015
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Emilio Carranza
La Antigua
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Sun and Beach Emilio Carranza, Veracruz

Emilio Carranza

Emilio Carranza, Veracruz

Emilio Carranza, Veracruz


The main attraction in his town is the estuary of river that forms a deep little natural pool. Other beaches of the zone are Bar of San Augustine, “Punta delgada” (Thin Tip) and “El morro”.
“Lechugillas beach is the place where this estuary of a river is located.
No to far from here you will find a historic place called “Punta Delgada”. There is where the tradition says that Hernán Cortez sank his ships for later build with his own hands, the first population and City Hall of the New Spain.

Another great attraction is to visit the Turtle Center that takes charge of collecting the eggs of tortoise to place them in incubators located in areas inside its installations to rescue them from its predators and to be able thus to achieve its birth and subsequently to free them.


Emilio Carranza is located approximately 40 kilometers to the north of Palma Sola, along the road 180.


Its climate is tropical-hot, with an annual average temperature of 23,9°C.


Emilio Carranza with many places to camp, and if you like submarine activities this is the ideal place; places as “La roca” (The Stone”, “El Morron”, “Los muñecos”, “El Turrón”, “La Mancha” and “Punta Delgada” are exceptional to do the a great diving. Those are places, where all kind of aquatic activities can be practiced without no risk, from swimming to diving, as well as boating and water skiing.


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